Located in Dashiqiao City--China's Magnesium Capital, it is 150 km away from Shenyang, 240 km from Dalian, 45 km from Bayuquan Port, 5 km from the Shenyang-Dalian Highway, 6 km from Dashiqiao Railway Station.Founded in 1997, specialized in the production of magnesia refractory materials, it covers an area of 60000 square meters. Possessing solid technical force, advanced processing technology, modern production lines and new types of automatic molding equipment, it owns 20 fused magnesia kilns, 6 high-speed mixing machines, 1 semi-automatic 1000t brick press machine, 8 semi-automatic 630t brick presses, and 2 110 meter-long tunnel kilns of 1800℃. It has annual production capacity of 50000 tons, the most advanced domestic fully-automatic sintering control system, and first-class concept of kiln design. Boasting abundant raw materials, superior working environment, advanced inspection facilities, precise testing data, and stable product quality, the products have passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.    >>  More


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